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Add SalesV2 to Salesforce to simplify how Sellers use AI.

Grow more with SalesV2

SalesV2 moves Sales from the traditional to the exceptional. We move you into the next version of Sales. We do that by updating your Strategy to take advantage of all your resources and then deliver that strategy with our technology tools.

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Our engagement model is flexible.
Your company has unique Sales challenges and we dive deep with your C-suite and cross-department leaders to optimize your strategy. You have to do the detailed work to create your own Strategy, and then enhance and configure your systems to execute it.


Working Sessions with C-Suite and Sales and Marketing Leaders using SalesV2 Framework as guidance to optimize Sales Strategy.

Your Strategy is turned into Action Paths that puts guardrails around Execution for every Seller and Team Member involved in a Sales Motion.


Data cleanup and normalization

Systems integration between CRM, ERP, Marketing Tech

CRM simplification and normalization


Sales Processes to Action Paths

Integrate Marketing Tech Stack, Learning and other guided action data sources

SalesV2 Confidence Factor

Slack/Team Integration

Proven Performance

The traditional Sales approach leaves the performance of the business in the hands

of your Sales Team. 
The SalesV2 approach leverages all the resources in your business to drive Sales performance. We help you move to the next level in Sales.


20 Years

Companies Served


Ave 1st Year Growth


Total Revenue Added

$2 Billion

SalesV2 Framework

The SalesV2 Framework is a guide to establish your winning Sales Strategy.
In Sales, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.
By using the framework, you identify the unique elements in your business that allows you to set the best strategy.



Your Sales Strategy defines the Planning, Actions, Resources and Tools needed across the entire organization to create a repeatable and reliable Sales Engine.

Define Strategy using framework as guideline

Align cross-department resources

Improve CRM and Marketing Technology systems


Executing your Strategy in a measurable manner allows you to identify levers that can be adjusted to continuously improve performance.

Execute Strategy through systems

Measure results using adjustable levers

Adjust quarterly for continuous improvement

SalesV2 Toolset

The SalesV2 Toolset is a collection of CRM add-ons that provides realtime guided actions to Sellers and Team Members to execute the Sales Strategy. 
SalesV2 works across your Technology Stack, Learning Content, Collateral and other digital assets using connectors, AI and Machine Learning.

Action Paths

Action Paths define the day-to-day actions required by Sellers and Team Members during each Stage of a Sales Motion.

Sales Stages and actions for all Sales Motions

Enrich actions with digital assets

Align performance goals across departments


- Ask anything and turn answers into Actions

Confidence Factor

Each Opportunity is assigned a Confidence Factor that combines action performance and historical data to determine forecast confidence.

View factors for individual, team or organization-wide confidence

Factors auto-adjust on Stage progression and Closed/Lost status

Simplify forecast discussions using a single confidence measurement

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