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About Us

A lifetime of expertise brought together in SalesV2

SalesV2 brings together a lifetime of expertise to create innovative solutions for growing sales. The story is about the American dream for a few South Africans who share a passion for technology, music, cars, and animals.

Brothers Marius, Morné, and Johan Swart grew up in South Africa, and in 1995, Marius had the opportunity to explore North America on behalf of the three brothers. They ended up running an award-winning software company in New Jersey, building and selling enterprise software to some of the world's largest companies.


Since then, they have continued to build expertise in various areas, including Human Capital, Sales Science, and Software Development. Johan went back to South Africa to look after their mom and built a software development company that Marius and Morné still use as their development partner in various endeavors.


A few years ago, they crossed paths with Tom Ansley, another South African living the American dream. Tom's deep CRM technology skillset perfectly complemented the team, and the SalesV2 product was born.


SalesV2 combines over 100 years of expertise in Sales Science, Human Capital Management, Learning, and Software Development to offer a transformational approach to growing sales. The Development Team in South Africa has extensive experience working with leading technology companies as partners and solution providers.


We are proud of our journey and the wealth of knowledge and experience we bring to SalesV2. We are dedicated to driving innovation in CRM technology and helping our clients achieve exceptional results in their sales growth efforts.


Development Team, COMPRSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Executive Team

Marius Swart, CEO

Marius Swart has been impacting business growth since 1995.
Having lived and worked in several countries, Marius has helped companies across the globe improve their sales performance.
A seasoned CEO, Marius has led the growth of several companies and uses that expertise to drive strategy and execution of sales and marketing processes.​
​Marius has been CEO of an IT/Software Company of the year in 2001, received awards for Top Products of the Year in 2004, is the inventor of several business process patents and is an accomplished speaker on Sales Strategies.
​Marius lives on Lake Conroe in Houston, TX with his wife Dennis-Kay and his cats Mickey and Mouse. For fun he likes exploring roads, playing golf and being in his music studio.

Tom Ansley,

Tom Ansley has been in the software industry since he first started developing software when he was 11 years old. After leaving South Africa in 1995 and getting his Software Engineering degree in the UK he moved over to the US.
As a seasoned consultant, software architect and developer Tom has helped companies better utilize technology to fulfill their business strategies. Having worked in the CRM industry for 25 years his understanding of business processes coupled with a strong knowledge of software development has ensured organizations more fully utilize their technical resources.
Tom lives on a lavender farm in Fish Creek, WI with his wife Bonnie. 

Morné Swart,

Morné Swart is a Technology professional responsible for leading innovation and driving product direction with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise-wide HR Technology products and services. As a business executive with a passion for process, technology, and people, Morné has spent his career driving organizational success through a focus on innovation and efficiency. 
Morné strongly believes that investing in employees is the key to building a strong, sustainable business, and is passionate about creating a culture of collaboration, growth, and development.
Morné constantly seeks out new ways to innovate and optimize operations for SalesV2.
Morné, an accomplished musician and sportscar lover, lives in Ponte Vedra, FL with his wife Ilse and is a proud father of Aspen and Conner.

Johan Swart,

Johan Swart is the founder and CEO of COMPRSA, a leading software development company in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After working with Marius and Morne in the USA, Johan took the family business to South Africa to provide international customers more cost-effective technology services due to the preferred exchange rate and available talent.
Johan runs a robust business and focuses on nurturing the best talent on his world-class campus.
COMPRSA combines a proven expertise in technology to deliver a range of services that include custom application development, integration solutions with legacy systems and product engineering. 

Johan is an accomplished musician, race-car builder/driver and lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with his wife Caroline.

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