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Executing your Strategy in a measurable manner allows you to identify levers that can be adjusted to continuously improve performance.


Execute your Strategy through systems

Having a well thought out Strategy is essential for internal communication, accountability and an adjustable framework. Your Strategy ensures all efforts are aligned across the organization.
How do you ensure your Strategy is being followed? Many companies set a Strategy and then trust Sellers and Team Members involved in Sales to execute it. 
SalesV2 ensures that actions of Sellers and Team Members align perfectly with your Sales Strategy. 
The data elements obtained from your Strategy session are transferred to your CRM and other systems used in Sales Motions. 
We put guardrails around the execution by guiding Sellers and Team Members with actions. 

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Measure results of adjustable levers

Your Strategy includes specific elements that can be measured for efficiency based on how it impacted the success of a sale. Examples are Sales Stages, Guided Actions for a Stage, estimated elapsed time for a Stage, Team Member actions for a Stage, % completion of actions targeted and other specifics. As Opportunities are Closed or Lost the impact of the strategy elements are recorded by SalesV2. We also measure the effectiveness of resources used to help Sellers, such as Sales Collateral (such as email templates, one-pagers, case studies), Team Member involvement, website performance and other resources.

Make quarterly adjustments 

At the end of each quarter, you can review each Sales Motion and how effectively your Strategy worked. You can adjust the elements that were used to execute the Strategy to improve performance for the next quarter. 
SalesV2 uses Machine Learning to propose adjustments once a baseline has been set.
By continuing the quarterly adjustment process you refine your strategy and execution to ensure you have the best change to grow and to react to real-world challenges.

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