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Return on Investment

The simplest Return On Investment of a new project is when the impact of the project exceeds the cost. We deliver ROI in two ways: we grow your revenue, and we optimize your resource and technology investment.

Revenue Growth

Our average customer grows 23% in the first year after executing a full Strategy and Execution project. We have never had customers with first year growth below 10% after executing a full project. Even with partial projects we can achieve double digit growth in the first year. Following the Strategy Consulting process, we can determine the potential growth of a company to a high-degree of confidence. We often use that as a go/no-go to continue based on what we find. If we don’t feel we can achieve double-digit growth, we advise potential customers to take care of growth anchors we will identify before continuing SalesV2. 
SalesV2 is the surest way to grow Sales in B2B companies with existing products and existing customers where sales are flat or at a low % growth.


Resource Optimization

Sales takes a village. That village is your collective investments in people, processes, technology, marketing and products. Most for-profit B2B companies make most of their investments for one reason – to build a profitable, growing company. 
How do you ensure that the village and your investments are aligned for Sales growth?
SalesV2 leverages all your investments that can help execute Sales Motions. We dive into your technology stack and harvest every bit and byte that can make actions in Sales Motions more successful. We don’t merely show data from other systems – we turn data into daily actions. We also identity actions for other Team Members, whether they are in Marketing, Shipping, Customer Support/Success, Accounting or other departments and turn knowledge into daily actions.
We break through the silos of data contained in different systems and departments and converge them into actions for Sellers and Team Members.
In that way we optimize your investment in people, processes and technology to help with Sales growth. There is no better ROI.

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