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Your Sales Strategy defines the Planning, Actions, Resources and Tools needed across the entire organization to create a repeatable and reliable Sales Engine.

Define your Strategy using the guidelines in our framework

Our SalesV2 Framework serves as a guide to identify the unique elements of your business such as history, products/solutions, leadership, geography, team abilities and maturity.
The data produced defines your Total Potential Market, Unique Value Proposition, Revenue goal allocation and Team composition to a high degree of specificity.
Once defined, we identify daily actions for all involved in a Sales Motion.
These actions are informed by your strategy, subject matter experts, available knowledge and digital resources that exist in your business.
Sales Motions vary for New Business, Upsell, Customer Retention and Partner/Reseller expansion Opportunities. 
We breakdown Sales Motions into Stages, and each Stage has dynamic actions assigned to Sellers and Team Members.


Align Cross-department Resources

SalesV2 allows you to leverage the collective investment in technology, employees, training, supporting systems and other assets to help win Opportunities. 
Almost every department in an organization has direct or indirect knowledge of customers. For example, SalesV2 will identify when Sales Motions require input from other departments and will create actions for resources at the right moment. In that way, Sellers can provide information to prospects before they even ask a question! 
Similarly, SalesV2 can make sure Accounting and Legal activities do not hold back the progress of deals by being pro-active with action prompts.
Actions can also be generated by content requirements at certain times. For example, a Seller could be sent a collateral document, e-mail template, web-link, case study etc. with a recommended action.

Improve CRM and Marketing Tech Systems

CRMs are not focused on promoting Seller actions. CRMs are often used as databases for account, contact and to capture Seller activity information. Salesforce, a leading CRM provider, estimates that Sellers spend 20% of their time with Seller actions and the rest with planning, preparing and data capturing actions. SalesV2 leverages your existing technology stack to minimize the need for Sellers to do mundane tasks. For example, companies may have tools that track contact behavior. With SalesV2 we can automatically promote a reach-out action to a Seller that a contact on an Opportunity has moved from one company to another, or got a promotion, or posted a question on social media. Entire Portfolios for Sellers can be created without a Seller needing to do prospecting by using the data collected from your Strategy. 
Linking Sales Motion actions to systems like your marketing technology allows Sellers to do what they do best – talk, email or meet with customers.

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